Usmanov considers investing in Everton

As Everton prepare for tomorrow’s Merseyside derby FA cup third round clash at Anfield, there are reports circulating that Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov is seriously considering investing in the club.

Usmanov has been in the background with regard to Everton ever since Farhad Moshiri took a controlling stake of the club back in 2016. He has had a strong relationship with the Blues owner going back several years now.

According to the Financial Times, the multi-billionaire, (worth something like $16 billion!), is now ready to put some of that vast fortune into the Toffees having apparently divested himself of his stake in Arsenal, which would have created a conflict of interest.

This is very significant news and adds further to the feeling that the times they really are a-changing at Goodison Park.

Also it certainly appears that Usmanov was involved to some degree in the process of recruiting Carlo Ancelotti as Everton’s new manager. His input seemed to be important in helping to persuade Ancelotti to come to Goodison Park in the end.

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That could mean that the Russian tycoon had indicated he would be prepared very soon to inject funds into the Toffees coffers to help finance future spending on new players, something Ancelotti is certain to want to do.

All this is very interesting and well-timed, as a recent report from The Athletic, suggest that Toffees owner Moshiri has actually been trying to secure Ancelotti’s signature for two years.

Now, after many false turns, he’s finally got his man, and it’s likely that Usmanov’s involvement is a key part of the reason why the Italian has joined Everton.

With confirmation that he is open to becoming more directly involved, there are also rumours that Usmanov might put money into the Blues new stadium at Bramley Moore dock too.

This is breathless stuff for Evertonians, more used to seeing their club trail way behind the likes of Manchester City and United, Chelsea and Liverpool in their profile, status and player pulling power.

Now, for the first time in decades, the Toffees might actually have the financial resources, managerial acumen with Ancelotti’s appointment, and increasing media profile to compete with those aforementioned teams.

Are the Blues then about to become the new Manchester City? There are still many ifs, buts and maybes to be resolved, but the disparate threads of something very big seem to be coming together at Everton Football Club.

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