Liverpool needs to be punished by Everton for their latest show of arrogance

Everton (Photo by Visionhaus)
Everton (Photo by Visionhaus) /

The latest proposal by Liverpool and Manchester United has baffled many and there will be more people backing Everton in the Merseyside Derby.

According to the Telegraph, Liverpool and Manchester United presented a ridiculous proposal which would see massive changes in the way Premier League functions. The Reds have presented the idea to revamp the football culture in England by taking some audacious steps.

The supposed reform lead by Liverpool and Manchester United could see Premier League turn into a top six centred league and could see major financial variations too. The key points of the proposal are:

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1. Big Six to make decisions for the league

This is a clear attempt to make sure that the big six have a larger say in the affairs of the league. This may have to do a lot with the scheduling of games and other financial aspects as well.

2. Discontinuation of the League Cup and Community Shield

With the big six involved in European competitions, they could play over 50 games in one season. Discontinuing the League cup and Community shield will ease some pressure and allow players of top six more time to recover.

3. 18 team Premier League

Reducing 2 teams from the current league will make sure that the present clubs get a bigger share of the payment.

4. Relegated clubs will not receive any parachute payments

This is another point concentrating on the financial side of things. Stopping the parachute payments will not severely affect the relegated clubs because they’ll already lose a lot of broadcasting money and parachute payments ensure a certain amount of cash flow.

Each point of this proposal oozes arrogance that Liverpool and United have. The USA businessman-backed clubs plan to restructure the league by giving it a tag of making it more sustainable. There has already been a lot of uproar by the £14.95 for pay per view and the latest proposal by Liverpool and Red Devils will further receive criticism.

The teams are stopping clubs from having their voice heard, jeopardizing the equal say in matters which is simply unacceptable. When Everton take on Liverpool in the Merseyside derby there will be more support from the neutral fans or from fans outside the top six for the Toffees.

There has to be a proper protest against the intention of the Reds and the Red Devils. Everton go into the game as table toppers with 4 wins out of 4 whereas Liverpool come to the Merseyside derby on the back of a 7-2 humiliation against Aston Villa.

The Merseyside derby will be a chance for every neutral fan to show their disagreement with the latest proposal engineered by Liverpool. This is a clear attempt to bully the clubs outside of the top six or the lower mid-table clubs.

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No matter how Liverpool or Manchester United paints it, a proposal like this should never be accepted. Everton getting backed additionally and protests across social media will be a slap on the face for bigheaded Liverpool and Manchester United.