Rangnick seems ideal Everton choice

With rumours swirling of who might or might not get the Everton job, I think on reflection the best choice would be former RB Leipzig boss Ralf Rangnick.

Everyone I’m sure has their favourite to replace Carlo Ancelotti in the Everton hotseat and while there are pros and cons to every possibility I think Rangnick would be a good fit.

Several of the names mooted have already either dropped down the rankings or are probably heading elsewhere. Antonio Conte is apparently talking to Spurs and given they are a London club with European football to offer him, I think it’s much more likely he will end up there, if he returns to the Premier League.

There are a few other names that have surfaced which are frankly ridiculous in particular ex-managers Marco Silva and Roberto Martinez. Are the board seriously thinking of bringing one of those two back – no thanks!

The other past Toffees boss is of course David Moyes. It seems that he will forever be a contender for the Blues job whenever it becomes available.

But I don’t think it’s a good idea to ever go back to a previous manager at least not if your Everton as this has never worked before.

Well the favourite is Nuno Espirito Santo, who I’m not sure about, but the ideal choice for me on balance, has to be Rangnick. The German coach has a fine reputation and is a believer in the high-tempo, pressing game that I think Everton should be trying to play.

He is an astute tactician and has had a strong influence on other German coaches like Jurgen Klopp and while it’s tough to admit it our neighbours certainly made a great decision in luring him from the Bundesliga in 2015.

Remember that not long before then the Toffees had finished above Liverpool for several consecutive seasons something that had been unheard of for years and the Reds had nearly gone bust under their previous American owners. Of the two Merseyside clubs it looked then that it was Everton who were moving forward more positively.

Well the new owners FSG made the decision to hire a relatively unknown German, Klopp, over it seems Carlo Ancelotti. And it worked as they’ve won the top two prizes in football over the last few seasons.

Part of the reason why this has worked is that FSG are actually used to running sports franchises while Farhad Moshiri for all his obvious commitment to Everton and willingness to fund his managers plans, doesn’t have that background. This is reflected by the difference in strategic thinking.

Klopp transformed the culture and identity of Liverpool and while it’s hard to accept, it’s been hugely successful.

They have played some relentlessly effective football which has proved to be very difficult to counter. I’m not advocating a totally rigid approach but it has proved to be really successful. So could Rangnick do the same at Goodison Park?

Everton also need to put their trust in the person they have given the job of Director of Football, Marcel Brands. They brought him in to redefine the club’s culture and instill long-term success. He’s just got a new three year deal too, so surely he must have a pivitol role in solving this saga.

Rangnick is I think available and is a coach with great credentials who could also I think work with Brands to put in place that identity and DNA that has been so much talked about and which seemed to be put on hold with Ancelotti’s arrival.

Well that would be my first choice to replace Ancelotti and try at last to build something solid and sustainable and bring something like success back to Everton before the club move to their new stadium in three years time.