Everton update on new stadium with drone footage

There was a thorough update today from Everton on the new stadium at Bramley Moore Dock, which has seen great development since work started in August last year.

National sports press were invited to a media open day to see how much progress had been made by Everton and the next steps in this highly anticipated sports stadium development.

After being given permission in March last year by the Government progress has been swift once Liverpool City Council finalised the funding.

Also the decision to re-interact with American architect Dan Meis who helped to design the initial plans of the new stadium has given everyone definitive ideas of the unique style staying the same as initially thought.

Over the Autumn and Winter months the dock at Bramley Moore has been filled in with sand after the club arranged for all environmental challenges to be contained or moved to a more suitable location without harming any of the ecological landscape around the dock.

Everton updated us with fantastic video drone footage from over the dock today and got more information on the next stages including the stadium structure starting to take shape, which can be seen in the tweet below:


The site of the first structural part of the new stadium being in situ gives real confidence that Everton will be ready to play in their new location on schedule for the start of the 2024/25 season.

The new stadium has a 12 stage process and we are now into the middle stages where the stadium can begin to take shape on the banks of the Mersey.

It will be a very emotional day when Everton leave their current home of Goodison Park, a project has also been approved at the same time to turn this into a community legacy mixed use area with some landmarks of the historic stadium left in place.

With the Bramley Moore Dock stadium capacity initially aimed at 52,890 Evertonians will hope fortunes are better on the pitch to give this dockside stadium the entertainment it will deserve.