More media speculation claims an Everton takeover is close

Everton (Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images)
Everton (Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images) /

Media reports of a potential takeover of Everton are reviving with fresh stories that an American consortium is ‘closer than people think’ to securing a deal.

We all remember the unexpected news in the early summer that a US group fronted by Peter Kenyon were talking to Everton owner Farhad Moshiri about a possible takeover.

Moshiri was looking for new investors to help him balance the club’s books and finance the building of the new Bramley Moore Dock stadium.

In the end, despite apparently securing exclusive rights to talk to the Toffees’ owner, nothing came of the supposed deal and all went quiet.

Yesterday’s story comes from Football Insider who claim a consortium from across the pond are very close to a takeover, according to a ‘boardroom source’ they say.

The media outlet doesn’t make it clear whether this group is linked to the previous consortium or if it’s a brand new set of potential investors.

All this comes at a time when rumours of takeovers of Premier League clubs are all the rage. Neighbours Liverpool (who are currently owned by a US group) are apparently up for sale themselves and there are stories of Manchester United also possibly being on the market.

Due to the collapsing value of the pound and the continuing high-profile of Premier League clubs, US investors are especially interested in acquiring English clubs.

Again, as with the summer’s stories there’s no way to know if this latest one is true or just more speculation on their part.

Given all their problems on and off the pitch, would new ownership represent a good outcome for the Blues’?

It’s fair to say that the Moshiri era hasn’t been a success, to put it mildly. Since he took control of Everton in February 2016, the club have spent more than £500 million on a succession of managers and players and yet there is no silverware to show for all that money.

The Toffees’ haven’t even qualified for the Champions League once in that time with only his first managerial appointment, Ronald Koeman, able to secure any European football.

So, the bald statistics would indicate that a change in ownership certainly should be considered. Frankly, at times over the past few years I would have taken almost anyone else!

However, even if this rumour is true at all (and I very much doubt it) then supporters need to be reassured that any new owner wouldn’t repeat the mistakes made by Moshiri.

I think we would need to see a clear strategy in place for the direction of the club with a streamlined structure and that it would be run primarily by football people.

Then, if all goes well (will it ever in this club’s case!) perhaps it might still be possible to turn things around before the Blues’ move to their new stadium in 2024.