More confusion as rumours claim Moshiri had put Everton up for sale

Everton (Photo by PAUL ELLIS/AFP via Getty Images)
Everton (Photo by PAUL ELLIS/AFP via Getty Images) /

There was more confusion and uncertainty on Tuesday as reports claimed that Everton owner Farhad Moshiri has put the club up for sale.

The Guardian broke the news earlier in the evening that Moshiri was looking to sell Everton, something that he has since strenously denied.

Moshiri has then reaffirmed his intention to stay on as owner and he has rubbished these reports claiming that instead he is looking for investment but not to sell.

A lot of Blues’ supporters would have been very pleased to see the Guardian article given how unpopular he is at the moment. However, it now seems the story wasn’t correct.

This is strange one because the Guardian is regarded as a serious paper and presumably must have been pretty confident of the foundations behind the story.

Well anyway, whatever the truth behind all this, it just further underlines what a confused and shambolic mess this fooball club is.

We saw similar sorts of rumours last summer when the American group fronted by Peter Kenyon who were alledgedly talking to Moshiri about investment or possibly buying the club.

Again, there was uncertainty at that time about what exactly was happening and whether a potential takeover was going to happen. In the end nothing did happen and the story went away.

And the timing of this latest report coudn’t be worse with the current almost comical turmoil on and off the pitch. The club have to try and find yet another new manager and somehow get new players in too before the transfer window does shut.

I would personally like to see Everton sold and new owners, who have a better grasp of running a football business, come in.

That would also mean the board being shaken up with an injection of fresh faces and at least some members replaced, which is also something that’s desperately needed.

But, it doesn’t look likely this is actually happening. And anyway, to be honest at the moment we probably don’t want a takeover going on behind the scenes while someone else at the club is looking to find a new manager and players!

Crucially, Moshiri now has to oversee this absolutely critical ten days or so. If he and his people, the board and Kevin Thelwell don’t get this decision right, Everton will be relegated for sure.