More bad news for Everton as investors switch attention to Spurs

Everton (Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images)
Everton (Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images) /

It’s not been a good week so far for Everton as following Monday night’s derby defeat, possible investors in the club, MSP Sports Capital, are now looking to buy Tottenham Hotspur instead.

Amongst all the depressing and predictable failures of the last few weeks, culminating in that farcical deadline day disaster with not a single new player signed, there was at least the possibiltiy Everton might be getting a welcome cash injection soon.

That was because the US-based investment group were apparently talking to Farhad Moshiri about taking a stake in the Blues’.

With the club in a dire financial position after years of mis-spending and sailing close to the wind in terms of Premier League debt rules, this was potentially a really positive outcome.

Perhaps, it would give the new manager additional funds to strengthen his anemically weak squad, and ensure the new stadium at Bramley Moore Dock got finished – although whether that new ground really is still a priority now, given how bad things are on the pitch and the real possibility of relegation – is a good question.

The other big positive about their involvement was the strong likellihood they would want representation on the board, thus giving the Toffees’ some desperately needed sports-business acumen.

That would surely be a very good thing given the appalingly bad way this club has been run by the current incumbants over the last few years.

However, in typical Everton fashion all good things must fall apart, and it now seems as though MSP Sports are focusing their attention on a takeover bid for Premier League rivals Spurs instead.

You have to say again there never seems to be anything that can go wrong for this club, that won’t.

To be honest though, who can blame them when in their first exposure to this team they witnessed the miserable home defeat by Southampton, which was followed later in the month by the chaos and black comedy of deadline day.

And then despite a brief new manager bounce in Sean Dyche’s first match against Arsenal, on Monday night the Blues’ returned to their usual inept and lacklustre ways, gifting a bang average Liverpool probably the easiest three points they will get this season.

Of course, all this talk of investment is reminiscent of last summer when there was excited media speculation of new investment and even a takeover by another group of US Billionaires, fronted by former Manchester United and Chelsea executive Peter Kenyon.

That didn’t happen and so we were stuck again with same people running the club who have brought it to near rack and ruin.

Presumably, despite this latest setback, the search for new investment by Moshiri will continue. I wouldn’t be too confident he can secure it.

But anyway, in truth, what Everton need most of all is a total fresh start with a new owner and a new board of directors.

Only then can Blues’ supporters have any hope of improvement and stability and an end to this dire and toxic situation, both on and off the pitch.