New twist in Everton takeover saga as MSP Sports now given ‘exclusivity’

As Everton face possibly the most important and decisive week in the club’s long history, there is another new distraction on the takeover front.

Although it was widely reported just a few days ago that 777 Partners were in the driving seat to take over the Blues, it now appears that instead MSP Sports Capital have struck an exclusivity deal with Farhad Moshiri.

The confusion over all this is a further complication and unwanted distraction as the Everton manager and squad gear up for that monumental match against Bournemouth on Sunday.

It seemed only a few days ago as though 777 Partners were ready to make an offer in order to take over the Toffees and were possibly going to do so as early as next week.

The other group who have been in contact about investing, MSP Sports Capital were said to be still keen to be involved in negotiations and undeterred by these stories.

Now, reports from last night indicate that in fact MSP Sports are back in the front seat and have concluded a deal to talk ‘exclusively’ to Moshiri! Confusion reins as always at this club.

This is actually similar to what happened last summer when another US consortium fronted by former Manchester United and Chelsea executive Peter Kenyon, were in exclusive talks about investment or a takeover with the Everton owner.

Nothing came of those talks and the group’s interest faded leaving Moshiri and his board still in control.

And, this season has been another rollercoaster ride under their chaotic leadership, which is once again ending with a desperate battle to avoid relegation from the Premier League.

We’ve had the usual dreadful failure and underachievement on the pitch that was witnessed first-hand by MSP representatives and the all too predictable managerial upheaval with Frank Lampard – who had become Moshiri’s sixth manager since he took over the club – being replaced mid-season by his seventh, Sean Dyche.

There has also been renewed conflict between the board and supporters as results have declined, with the extraordinary claims of an alledged assault on CEO Denise Barratt-Baxendale being arguably the low point in that relationship.

And, as if all that wasn’t enough, we then had the announcement that the Premier League was referring the Toffees to a commission to look into alledged breachs of their financial rules. The old quote that ‘it never rains it pours’, is a very apt one for this football club.

What does seem clear to almost everyone is that all this chaos and confusion has to be ended if Everton are to ever make any progress and restore a club that has become a laughing stock, to something like it’s past position in the game.

New investors (or for me preferably owners) might help do that. Of course, it is all ultimately dependent on the Blues remaining in the top flight.

If they do, then a fresh injection of recources and presumably new people in senior positions (which you would imagine has to be one of the conditions for investors) would seem to be absolutely essential to begin a desperately needed rebuild.