Another American investor considers Everton as 777 Partners deadline nears

As the wait for 777 Partners to try and compete their takeover of the Toffees goes on, another interested party could make a move.
Everton FC v Sheffield United - Premier League
Everton FC v Sheffield United - Premier League / James Gill - Danehouse/GettyImages

John Textor, who is currently part-owner of Premier League rivals Crystal Palace, says Everton are an attractive club to buy as the US businessman contemplates a possible move.

Meanwhile, the clock is ticking on 777 Partners now surely abortive attempt to take control of the club as their troubles just keep on multiplying.

The Miami-based consortium have been waiting since last September to get the green light on the deal they agreed back then with Farhad Moshiri to buy the Blues.

But as the Toffees endured the most difficult and challenging campaign any Premier League club has gone through, one problem after another with the group has risen to the surface.

777 Partners deal with Moshiri means they must complete the share purchase agreement by the end of the month or other parties can get involved.

Moshiri has confirmed that there are also other people interested in possibly buying the club and Textor could be one of them.

He currently has a 45% stake in Palace but wants out of the South London club and that would then in theory free him up to make a move for Everton.

But as Textor himself states, all that could be too late if another party has already moved to buy the Blues in the meantime.

All this chaos just goes on and on and adds further uncertainty to what was already a mess of a situation and leaves Evertonians and their club, in a total state of limbo.

Where, how or even if this will be resolved, is anyone's guess now.

Well from my point of view I just want someone - anyone almost - who has the money to do a deal and a decent reputation, to come to the club's rescue!

Having potentially no owner of course makes planning for the summer transfer window even more challenging than it already was given the Toffees terrible finances.

I really wouldn't want to be in Kevin Thelwell or Sean Dyche's shoes as they try and work out how to raise the money needed to strengthen a small and ageing squad and one which needs major restructuring.

Obviously, some players will be sold and we all know who the likely candidates are.

So, a summer that is already turning out to be unusually wet and cool looks like being an even tougher one than ever before for the Blues.