Chaos continues as Everton points deduction reduced to six on appeal

The club appealed against November's hugely controversial and unprecedented decision by the indepedent commission set up by the Premier League.
Everton FC v Arsenal FC - Premier League
Everton FC v Arsenal FC - Premier League / James Gill - Danehouse/GettyImages

Now, this afternoon Everton have had four of those points restored to them, with immediate effect, as was the case with the ten point deduction back in November.

This almost comical situation has seen an unprecedented yo-yo scenario with Everton first dropped into the relegation zone and now having had four points restored, the club is back up to fifteenth!

It is obviously good to see that the Blues appeal has been at least partially successful and four points is better than none.

But in truth they should have arguably have had all the points back as players and fans are not to blame for how this or any other club, has been managed financially.

All this has created so much uncertainty, not just for the Toffees, and leaves everyone still with plenty of questions to be answered.

The first issue is what happens after the second commission review has been conducted and reports possibly when the season has actually finished?

What if Everton have ended it four or five points clear (the margin today's decision gives them) but then have another six point deduction, or Forest, or both for that matter? Will there be further appeals dragging on all summer?

And what might this mean for other clubs who fall foul of these rules? What a mess.

Immediately after the deduction, the Blues players didn't seem to be affected and following a 0-3 defeat at home to Manchester United that flattered the vistors, the Blues went on a four game winning run.

However, since the last of those victories, a win at Burnley on the 16th December, the Toffees haven't won a Premier League match.

Sean Dyche has recently admitted that his team have actually been affected by what has happened and comments from certain players has reinforced this.

As far as the decision today is concerned, the new panel that has considered the original process dismissed most of the club's arguments.

But the panel - who concluded the original process containted 'legal errors' - did ultimately side with the Blues on two key points agreeing that the club hadn't acted in bad faith and the ten point deduction was excessive, given that administration only results in a maximum nine points.

Obviously, getting four points back lifts the Toffees out of the immediate danger of being sucked into the relegation zone, which they were only one point above this morning.

But of course it doesn't really change anything with the Blues still needing to win as many games as possible to ensure they stay up and not least, give them enough of a cushion to survive any further deductions in the summer.

I wrote earlier today that Dyche needs to make two changes to improve the chances that Everton ensure they avoid going down, or leaving them vulnerable afterwards.

Those are find a way by shifting tactics and mentality to score more goals and therefore have a better chance of winning matches, and put a little more trust in the young attacking players in his squad.

Well, after today's latest announcement in what has been a campaign of unprecedented chaos and controversy, at least Everton have a little more certainty and breathing room. Now it is up to the manager and players to make it count.

Whatever else may be true, one thing you can say is that it's rarely dull being an Everton supporter!