Premier League clubs begin talks to revise rules as Everton wait for appeal verdict

The twenty member clubs in the Premier League are sitting down to discuss whether to change the Profit and Sustainability regulations that have cost the Toffees so dearly.
Everton FC v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League
Everton FC v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League / Chris Brunskill/Fantasista/GettyImages

Everton are so far the only club in the League to have been punished with a points deduction for breaches of these financial rules, with the ten point penalty which was applied last November.

Although now both the Blues and another Premier League club, Nottingham Forest, are awaiting the outcome of a second investigation into their financial practices launched earlier this year.

That original announcement last Autumn promoted Everton to launch an immediate appeal and we learn today that this appeal will be heard and pronounced upon, this month.

The outcome of this appeal could well ultimately decide the way this season goes and whether the club will be able to stay in the Premier League or not.

Failure to persuade the authorities that the verdict of the commission in November should be overturned or at least amended, could lead to relegation in May if the side are not able to overcome such a deficit.

There is another element to all this too with Everton still waiting to hear whether or when their proposed new owners 777 Partners will be able to complete their takeover.

So far it haas taken the various authorities involved a considerable time to get this done and there is no clear indication when a decision will be made.

Were the answer to be no then it will leave the club in a really difficult position with increased debts accrued as a result of temporary loans from 777 Partners and no owner able to service them and support the club financially. This could mean adminstration and another automatic points deduction.

As we wait to hear whether the Blues will be again referred to the independent commission that gave the Toffees the original penalty which they are appealing, Premier League clubs are now debating if those PSR regulations should be amended or even changed altogether.

Any such changes could potentially rub further salt into Everton's wounds as if those rules are changed in a significant way so that in the future such a penalty cannot be given, then it will heighten a sense of frustration at how the club have been treated.