Textor now out of the running for Everton takeover deal

The American businessman appears to be out of contention for a possible deal to become the Toffees new owner.
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Everton have been very much in the spotlight recently and after 777 Partners increasingly chaotic and farcical attempt to complete a takeover collapsed at the end of May, a number of interested investors have expressed interest.

The first of these was John Textor with the US tech tycoon making positive noises about the Blues and the potential of the club.

However, the American is already invested in the Toffees Premier League rivals Crystal Palace and needs to sell those shares in the Eagles before he could contemplate making a move for Everton.

Apparently he is trying to do so, but that could of course take quite a while and meanwhile there are other bids on the table, which could be considered much more immediately.

So, it seems as though Farhad Moshiri has decided to move on and consider in closer detail the other bids and therefore Textor seems to be out of the running.

In truth given his circumstances it was never really likely he would be able to follow through and complete a deal for Everton.

Moshiri has several other prospective takeovers to look at and weight up before he then decides if he will enter into exclusivity with any of them.

The current owners track record here is not great and likely will not instill a great deal of confidence among Toffees supporters that he can make the best choice this time and find the right individual or group to take the club forward.

Like most Evertonians, I just want whoever does get their hands on the club to be able to put behind us the chaos and upheaval of the last few years.

And with a brand new state-of-the-art stadium about to be opened, there is a real chance perhaps to plot a sustainable way forward for this club.