Everton Secure Europa League and Rise With English Elite

Now that Atlético Madrid have knocked English Champions, Leicester out of the Champions League, 7th place in the Premier League will earn the position to qualify for Europa League at the start of next season. It currently looks like Everton are going to secure a minimum of 7th position, which will have huge implications for a club trying to break into the top 6.

Everton and Arsenal both currently share 57 points, and also share a tally of 23 positive goal difference, only Arsenal have 2 more games to play. Below Everton in 8th position is West Brom sitting on 44 points having played 33 games, the same as Everton.

Here we start to see a significant gap, the drop off from the shared goal difference of Everton and Arsenal at 23 sees a drop of 26 goals to 8th position. West Brom currently have a minus 3 goal difference, as do 9th placed Southampton. If you go down the table then the drop becomes even more drastic, 10th position and below all have a goal difference of minus 10 or worse with the exception of Crystal Palace.

The difference between the top 7 and the rest of the league is significant, at the start of the season everyone predicted that the gap between the elite and the rest of the league would widen, and with new owners looking to invest in Everton, this year would be the season to get on board.

On the up

Securing European football will be vital for Everton, we have been blessed with luck that the top clubs dominated the domestic cups. Now Everton have a higher chance to soar in the footballing world, with the addition of stupendous money being introduced into the Premier League, via lucrative television deals.

Securing a place in Europa League will act as a magnet to attract a higher quality of talent to the club, furthering our success in the league, increasing the chance of Everton investing in squad depth. With this, the upwards spiral of success continues to feed itself, and though it was just a formality until Leicester was knocked out of the Champions League, it’s nice to have the assurance.

European football returns to Merseyside.

European football is a big deal, and now that it is more or less secured, Everton will spend big in the summer to ensure a solid cup run; something fans have been longing for after Dynamo Kiev rocked us 2 seasons ago. Someone sign Yarmolenko, quick!

Up the Ev.