Gary Pearson

A freelance sports journalist, former public relations and social media manager, Gary primarily focuses his attention on football coverage (proper football, that is). He is a sports and travel aficionado and has lived in five continents – Africa, Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. Currently residing in the mountainous region of Canmore, Canada, his family hails from jolly old England while he spent the lion's share of his formative years in Calgary, Canada, home of the Calgary Stampede, the 1988 Winter Olympic Games and the 1989 Stanley Cup Champions. He is an ardent Flames and Tottenham Hotspur supporter and dreams of more fruitful days, when the Flames once again lift Lord Stanley aloft, a seemingly impossible goal if the past few decades is anything to go by. Spurs are closer to glory, but are still starving for the rapturous joy their supporters so obviously deserve.
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