777 Partners time runs out today as ex Everton CEO outlines possible plan

The Miami-based investment group have been trying without success to buy the Blues since last September when they agreed a deal with owner Farhad Moshiri.
Everton FC v Crystal Palace - Premier League
Everton FC v Crystal Palace - Premier League / Chris Brunskill/Fantasista/GettyImages

That exclusive agreement they made with Moshiri included provisions to complete the share purchase by today if they were going to become the new owners of Everton.

Unless something very dramatic happens in the next few hours, that of course looks extremely unlikely now and so the agreement will be effectively dead in the water.

And so in such a situation other groups or individuals would then be able to step in and make offers for the club.

One of those possible party's is a fellow American investor and businessman John Textor who has previously expressed a provisional interest in taking control of the Toffees.

However, Textor is currently a major shareholder in Crystal Palace and obviously cannot have interests in two Premier League clubs.

He has said he is looking to divest himself of his 45% stake in the Eagles and that would then free him up to make a move for Everton.

The big problem of course is how long it will take him to do so and whether he would then still have a chance of becoming the Blues owner.

Meanwhile, as all this continuing, almost endless uncertainty goes on behind the scenes, the Toffees need enough finance to get through the next few months and stay solvent.

That should not be an immediate problem as the club will be getting Premier League and TV rights payments for the 2023-24 season very soon, totaling around £130 million.

In addition, as we all know only too well, Everton will have to sell players, and almost certainly at least one or two, before the 30th June to avoid falling foul of PSR yet again.

If the Toffees can raise £50-60 million or more in transfer fees by that date (or just afterwards) that should ease the immediate financial worries, but long-term issues obviously remain.

According to former CEO Keith Wyness there could be a solution to all this mess and it involves yet another US group who were at one time it seems close to taking control of the club.

MSP Sports Capital - along with 777 Partners - were in discussions with Moshiri last year about possible investment or even perhaps a takeover, before that collapsed and the owner decided to enter an exclusivity agreement with 777 instead.

MSP had though already loaned the Blues a considerable amount to help with the Bramley-Moore Stadium costs and that money will have to be repaid eventually too.

As Wyness outlines the obvious way out would be for MSP to take temporary control - as under the terms of all this they would be entitled to a majority share in the club - until Textor, or someone else, can come forward with a viable bid.

Then, assuming Everton were still in the Premier League - which looks another big if at the moment - they would be moving into the new ground at the end of next season making the value of the club as an asset much greater.

I have to admit I am getting even more tired of trying to keep up with all this stuff.

What matters to most Evertonians I think, is simply that someone with adequate financial resources and a solid reputation, can rescue the club from the almost unbelievable mess it is in.

Whether that is MSP and then eventually Textor, or him on his own, or someone else waiting in the wings, frankly I don't really care!