Dyche gives dire warning of Everton situation if no takeover happens

The Blues boss has been speaking further on the uncertainty surrounding the club as the wait goes on for a resolution to 777 Partner's proposed takeover.
Luton Town v Everton FC - Premier League
Luton Town v Everton FC - Premier League / Alex Pantling/GettyImages

Sean Dyche's comments are a stark and serious warning of what will happen to Everton if either 777 Partners or another group don't get a takeover deal across the line and very soon too.

In that case the Toffees would obviously have to consider a summer fire sale of players and either hope they could find affordable replacements or bring young players through.

As I have previously written there seems precious little in the way of young individuals emerging who look as though they could step up to Premier League level.

The only one who does look as though he may be able to take that next step, is midfielder Lewis Warrington who has been in Dyche's squads recently.

And while the Blues have a long tradition of finding, nurturing and then bringing young talented players into the first-team, it has been a while since one has come through and then really established himself.

The last such player to do so was of course Anthony Gordon, but he then left for Newcastle United in January 2023.

So, it is a very bleak prospect if such a scenario were to take place and neither 777 Partners or anyone else can take control of the club.

This situation is moving fast now with further stories claiming that the Miami-based group have got past the hurdles set out but now have questions over whether they can raise the capital required to complete the deal.

Given all this chaos, the other possible nightmare outcome is even administration, which would lead to another nine point deduction straight away.

What a mess, and as usual there seems to be no end to the misfortunes that afflict this club.

Looking at the transfer market, there are players out there who would probably be available for very reasonable fees or even on a free transfer.

But it is not a very satisfactory situation for sure and these are players who are frankly not likely to generate a huge improvement in the team's performance on the pitch.

However all this ends up, it does seem we are in for yet another chaotic and hugely difficult summer of change and upheaval for our club.