Everton don't need immediate 'firesale' after 777 Partners deal collapses

The club have said there are contingency plans in place to keep going after the US investment group's bid to take control ran out of time.
Everton FC v Sheffield United - Premier League
Everton FC v Sheffield United - Premier League / James Gill - Danehouse/GettyImages

With the passing of yesterday's deadline for 777 to complete the share acquisition needed for the takeover to go through, Everton are now left in a limbo with no clear idea of how or with whom the club goes forward.

This is hardly an ideal scenario and inevitably media outlets have been talking in apocalyptic terms about what will happen to the Toffees now.

Reports that the Blues could face bankruptcy and administration if this happened, have previously been dismissed by those with inside knowledge of the club's situation.

And according to a football financial expert Everton should not need an immediate 'firesale' of players to stay solvent and deal with more PSR issues, due to Premier League and TV broadcast payments which are coming through very soon.

Alongside that will of course be some player exits, but not - if this view is correct - a wholesale offering of one and all from within the Toffees squad.

As we have reported, there is apparently some interest from other investors in the Blues and American businessman John Textor is one of them.

He though has to divest himself of the 45% share he curerntly owns of Crystal Palace before he can move to acquire Everton.

That will take considerable time, even if things go smoothly, and we know that things going smoothly is not a phrase to be readily associated with this football club!

So, in the meantime Sean Dyche and Kevin Thelwell have to press on and try to figure out how they can maneuver successfully in the summer transfer market with all this unprecedented confusion and uncertainly hanging over them.

With the transfer market opening there are plenty of names being bandied about again, both comings and goings, and almost daily rumours about at least one or two of the Toffees biggest assets leaving this summer.

Despite these reassuring noises, the open question is though, how long can Everton continue to operate as normal without an owner and so much financial instability?

The longer this saga goes on the more likely it is that additional player sales will be needed and that could leave the club in very bad shape for next season.